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    Embark on a journey of learning and skill enhancement with our meticulously curated courses. Gain insights from industry professionals and acquire hands-on experience through real-world projects.

    Selenium with Java


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    ₹ 25,000/-

    Course Duration : 45 days

    Dive into the world of automation testing with Selenium. Learn how to write test scripts with Python and automate web applications for more efficient testing.

    What you will learn in Selenium With Python
    • Download Eclipse
    • Installation Eclipse IDE
    • How to create Java/Maven Project
    • How to Create First Java Test
    • Introduction to Java programming
    • Primitive and Non-Primitive Data types
    • Operators in Java
    • Wrapper Classes
    • Types of Variables (Local, Instance and Static Variables)
    • Conditional Statements
    • If else condition
    • Nested If Else Condition
    • Switch case statement
    • Examples for all the above conditions
    • Loop Statements
    • While loop
    • Do while
    • For loop
    • For each loop.
    • Examples for all the above loops
    • Arrays
    • What is an Array?
    • Type of Arrays
    • Working with Single Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Arrays
    • Packages, Classes and Objects
    • What are Packages
    • How to create Classes, Objects and Object References
    • Working with Constructors
    • Using Methods (Static & Non-Static)
    • Access Modifiers (private, default, protected and public)
    • How to write user defined methods
    • Interface & Abstract Class
    • How to define Abstract Class & Interface
    • How to implement Interface
    • Abstract method vs. Concrete method
    • Interface vs. Abstract class vs. Concrete Class
    • Implements vs. extends
    • Final keyword
    • Inheritance
    • What is Inheritance and Why to use Inheritance?
    • Single Level Inheritance, Multi-Level Inheritance, Multiple Inheritance (Through Interface)
    • super keyword
    • this keyword
    • Inheritance (Is a Relationship) vs. composition (Has a Relationship)
    • Polymorphism
    • What is polymorphism?
    • Compile time Polymorphism
    • Method overloading
    • Constructor overloading
    • Runtime Polymorphism
    • Method Overriding
    • Exception handling
    • What are exceptions and errors?
    • Checked Exception or Compile time Exception
    • Unchecked Exception or Run Exception
    • How to Handle Exception in the Program?
    • Using Try and Catch blocks
    • Using of Throw & Throws Keyword
    • Collections
    • Overview of Collections API
    • Arrays vs Collections
    • List, Set, Map interfaces
    • Using Array List Class
    • Working with elements of a Collection
    • Examples for all the above concepts
    • How to configure My SQL database
    • How to configure with Eclipse
    • Connection Interface Commands
    • Statement Interface Commands
    • Result Set Interface Commands
    • How to execute query
    • Understanding Debug
    • Using Breakpoints
    • Verify the values during debug
    • Using step over, step into
    • Features and Limitations of Selenium Web Driver
    • Configure Selenium with Eclipse IDE (Adding selenium Libraries)
    • Configure Selenium with Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, Opera browsers
    • WebDriver Interface
    • Chrome Driver, Gecko Driver, Internet Explorer Driver, Safari Driver,
    • Edge Driver classes
    • Browser Commands & Navigation Commands
    • Handling Cookies
    • Object identification
    • Find Element and Find Elements
    • Different types of Locators
    • Xpath, relative Xpath, Absolute Xpath, CSS Selector
    • How to build dynamic Xpath
    • Identifying Objects using Xpath and CSS Selectors
    • How to use Regular Expressions in Xpath and CSS Selectors
    • Html Tags and DOM structure
    • Handling Text Field and Text Area
    • Handling Checkboxes
    • Handling Radio Buttons
    • Handling Links and Buttons
    • Web Element Interface methods
    • Handling dropdowns/list boxes
    • Select Class methods
    • Working with Dynamic Web Table Elements
    • Extracting data from Web Tables
    • Custom methods for Web Tables
    • Select date from calendar
    • Alerts, Frames, Windows
    • Handling alerts
    • Alert interface methods
    • Handling Frames
    • Handling Nested Frames
    • How to handle multiple browser windows or Tabs
    • Mouse Events
    • Double Click, context Click, Drag and Drop, click And Hold, release
    • Keyboard Events
    • How to scroll page
    • Capture screenshot
    • How to execute JavaScript
    • Introduction to Robot class
    • Keyboard and Mouse operations using Robot class
    • How to use implicit Wait, Page Load Timeout
    • How to use Explicit Wait
    • How to implement WebDriver Wait
    • What are different Expected Conditions and how to use
    • How to implement Fluent Wait
    • Headless browsers
    • Handling Notifications
    • Handling Auto Suggestions
    • Highlight objects
    • Scroll into view
    • How to find broken links
    • Different Selenium Exceptions
    • Capture screenshot of entire page
    • Configure Apache POI with Eclipse.
    • Workbook Sheet, Row, Cell Interfaces methods
    • HSSFSheet, HSSFRow, HSSFCell methods
    • XSSFSheet, XSSFRow, XSSFCell methods
    • How to read data from Excel file (XLS or XLSX)
    • How to write data to Excel file (XILS or XLSX)
    • TestNG Features
    • Configure TestNG with Eclipse
    • TestNG Annotations
    • Integrate Selenium Scripts with TestNG
    • Create TestNG.xml file
    • Assert methods
    • Hard Assert vs. Soft Assert
    • Cross browser testNG
    • How to use Data Provider
    • Reporting Results
    • Listeners
    • Sequential Execution vs. Parallel Execution
    • How to create batch file
    • Extent Reports

    What is maven?

    • Installing Maven in Local Machine
    • Creating Maven project in Eclipse
    • Understanding of pom.xml
    • Maven Integration with Testing
    • Maven Lifecycle
    • Executing Scripts Using Maven build tool
    • Advantages Maven Build Tool

    Selenium Tools Covered

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    What our students say

    Our student testimonials reflect our dedication and success in molding professionals in the software development . Read through the experiences of our alumni and understand how honeydewz has been a guiding light in their career path.

    Nitya, Bangalore
    I am incredibly grateful for the enriching experience I had at Honeydewz Software Technologies. The course content was well-structured and the instructors were exceptionally knowledgeable. The real-world projects gave me the hands-on experience I needed to feel confident in my skills. Honeydewz has played a pivotal role in shaping my career in software development.
    Satish Sharma , Kochi
    The decision to enroll at Honeydewz Software Technologies is one of the best I have ever made. The blend of practical and theoretical learning backed by industry experts was beyond my expectations. The workshops and real-world scenarios helped me understand the depth of the subject. I landed my dream job, all thanks to the comprehensive training and support from Honeydewz.
    Rekha, Chennai
    Honeydewz Software Technologies is the go-to place for anyone looking to dive into the world of software development. The flexible timings allowed me to balance my studies and learning effectively. Moreover, the career counseling and placement assistance were game-changers for me. A huge thanks to the entire team!
    [About AK Info Institute ]

    Who We Are

    Honeydewz Software Technologies is a premier institute and service provider. We specialize in website development, Android & iOS app development, and software testing services. Additionally, we are passionate educators in the realm of software development and testing.

    What We Do

    We offer comprehensive courses in Software Testing, Selenium, Python, and more. Our courses are constantly updated to meet industry standards. We provide real-time, focused training through both online and offline classes, catering to your preferences.

    Our Vision & Mission

    Our mission is quality training at an affordable cost. We aim to develop well-rounded professionals who are employable and future-ready. Our team of skilled educators and counselors work together to ensure course relevancy and provide career guidance.

    Why Choose Honeydewz?

    At Honeydewz, we do more than just teach; we mentor. We offer a blend of technical skills, soft skills, and professional development. We value our students and support them in converting their passion into a thriving profession.

    [ FAQ ]

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    We understand you might have questions about our courses, training methodology, and career opportunities. Here are some commonly asked questions that might help clear your doubts. If you can't find the answer you're looking for, please feel free to contact us.

    our courses provide a hands-on experience with live case studies, real-world faulty devices for practice, and the latest repair techniques. We use updated tools, equipment, and original motherboards to simulate an authentic work environment.

    Absolutely! Our courses are structured to cater to both beginners and seasoned technicians. Our team of experts guide you from basic to advanced, and micro-level mobile repairing.

    We provide 100% job placement support . Our strong industry links help us place our students in top tech companies. 

    Yes, we do provide an EMI option for course fees to make the learning journey easier and more accessible for all our students.

    Yes, at Honeydewz Software Technologies, we offer both online and offline classes to cater to the varied needs of our students.

    Yes, the course content includes practical training with live projects and real-world examples to ensure you gain practical experience in manual testing.

    While prior Python experience is beneficial, it is not mandatory. We provide comprehensive training in both Selenium automation and Python to ensure you have the necessary skills.

    Upon completion, you will have dual expertise in both manual and python-based Selenium testing. This opens up various job roles, including Manual Tester, Selenium Test Engineer, and more.

    The Selenium with Python course typically spans 30-45 days and covers a wide range of topics, including Selenium WebDriver, Python integration, and hands-on experience with real projects.

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